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Music City Blues & Soul - The best of Bullet / Sur-Speed Records
Music City Blues & Soul - The best of Bullet / Sur-Speed Records Click on a title below for an audio sample
  1. Larry Birdsong - I'm So Glad You're Home
  2. Larry Birdsong - Somebody Help Me
  3. John Colbert - Surfside Slide
  4. John Colbert - Congratulations
  5. John Colbert - Recipe For Love
  6. Shy Guy Douglas - Stone Doin' Alright
  7. Shy Guy Douglas - Don't Leave Me Girl
  8. Shy Guy Douglas - Haulin'
  9. Shy Guy Douglas - Miss Ilola
  10. Art Mayes - All I Want From You
  11. Art Mayes - You're The Only Good Thing
  12. Rubin Russell - Look Out Heart
  13. Rubin Russell - Just Two Of A Kind
  14. Levert Allison - Sugar Daddy
  15. Levert Allison - Lovin' On My Mind
  16. Robert Garrett - I Don't Want To Be Sober
  17. Robert Garrett - Mean Man
  18. Thomas Henry - Nobody Else Will Do
  19. Johnny Bragg - Walk Tall
  20. The Cheques - Go On Girl

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Red Wortham's Bullet and Sur-Speed labels reflect the "catch as, catch can" nature of the independent record world in the 1960s. Red had been a key player at the original Bullet label in the 1940s. He then went on to form his own Delta Records imprint and also worked as an independent producer. By the 1960s, Blues and Soul Music was the real bread and butter of the indie lable world and Red was right in the thick of it. He reactivated the long dormant Bullet label and started the Sur-Speed imprint as a sister label. Many small companies had several imprints in those days, as disc jockeys were reluctant to play too many records from the same label.

By the early 1970s, Red was using the Bullet label primarily as a custom imprint. There were many would be artists willing to pay for the privilege of recording for the once great label. In addition to the custom projects, Red released some fine Country records on the label through the 1960s and early 70s. By the 1980s, Red was renting out his Bon Aqua recording studio to all comers and doing short runs of cassette duplication. By the 1990s, he had all but retired and passed away in 2002. He was one of the great post war independent record men and has left a great, if somewhat disjointed, legacy of rough and ready recordings.

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