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Bullet Records Classic Country & WesternBrad Brady and His Tennesseans (1st pressing): Wave to Me, My Lady (vocal by Joe Carroll b/w Zeb's Mountain Boogie

Owen Bradley and His Tennesseans (2nd pressing)

Turner Bros. (Zeb and Zeke): Guitar Reel b/w No One Will Ever Know

Pete Pyle: Living in Sorrow b/w Talking the Blues

Sheb Wooley: Oklahoma Honky Tonk Gal b/w I Can't Live on Without You

Jimmy Selph: Dream Castles Shared with You b/w Times a Wastin'

Ford Rush (The Singin' High Sheriff): Remember Sweetheart b/w Your Only Arms

Owen Bradley and His Tennesseans: The Call of a Broken Heart (vocal by Zeb Turner) b/w Tennessee Limited

York Bros. (George and Leslie): Mine in Dreams b/w I'm Not Fooling

Clyde Moody: If I Had My Life to Live Over b/w I Worship You

Texas Troubadours: That's All She Wrote (vocal by Jack Drake) b/w Why Should I Cry Over You (vocal by Jack Drake)

York Bros.: Yesterday's Love b/w Blues, Why Don't You Leave Me Alone

Clyde Moody: I'm So Lonesome b/w You Care No More for Me

Minnie Pearl with Pee Wee King and the Golden West Cowboys: I'm Lookin' fer a Feller b/w Jealous Hearted Me

Frankie "Pee Wee" King and the Golden West Cowboys: That Cheap Look in Your Eye (vocal by Jimmie Wilson) b/w You Were the Cause of It All (vocal by Jimmie Wilson)

Bradley Kincaid and his Kentucky Mountain Boys: Now the Table's Turned on You b/w Ain't We Crazy

Chester Atkins and the All-Star Hillbillies: Guitar Blues (Pickin' the Blues) b/w Brown Eyes A-Cryin' in the Rain (vocal by Jack Shook)

York Bros.: Hamtrack Mama b/w My Tears Will Never Make You Change

York Bros.: Hop, Skip and Jump b/w Let's Talk It Over Please Do

Johnnie Barfield and the Chattahoochie Valley Boys: Doin' the Boogie Woogie b/w I Hope I Break Your Heart Tommy Scott: Ain't Love Grand b/w Broken Heart

Milton Estes and the Musical Millers: That's Why I Worry (vocal by Jimmie Selph) b/w Say You'll Be Mine (vocal by Jimmie Selph)

Ramblin' Tommy Scott: Sweet Woman Blues b/w My Little Moonbeam

Pete Pyle: I Know That I Have Lost Your Love b/w Love Turned to Hate

Jack Gillette and the Tennessee Ramblers: Nothing to Lose (vocal by Bud and Benny Kissinger) b/w In the Same Old Way (vocal by Benny Kissinger

Zeb Turner: Chattanooga Boogie b/w Ain't Had No Lovin'

Zeb Turner: I'll Drift Along (vocals Zeb urner with the Dixie Dons) b/w When Love Is Gone (vocal by Zeb Turner)

Owen Perry and the Happy Hillbillies: Louisiana Stomp b/w Two Can Play the Game

Pappy Howard and His Connecticut "Kernals": Cool Water (vocal by Pappy Howard and Trio) b/w I Wanna Go Fishin' (vocal by Pappy Howard and Trio)

Blaine Smith with Pappy Howard and His Connecticut "Kernals": I hope I Never Wake Up b/w Darling, Don't You Love Me Anymore?

Zeb Turner: Coal Miner's Blues b/w You Never Done Me Right

Bill Nettles and his Dixie Blue Boys: Too Many Blues b/w High Falutin' Mama

Bill Nettles and his Dixie Blue Boys: Hungry b/w You're Breaking My Broken Heart Again

Tex Justus and the Texas Cowboys: Y-O-U Are My Sweetheart b/w Lonesome for My Texas Sweetheart

Tex Justus and the Texas Cowboys: I'll Get by Somehow (vocal by Tex Justus) b/w Old Kentucky Moon (vocal by Charlie Gillan)

York Bros.: Mother's Not Dead, She's Only Sleeping b/w Got Blues on My Mind

York Bros.: Blue Ridge Moutain Blues b/w I'm a Soldier for Jesus

Merl Lindsay and The Oklahoma Night Riders: When You Come Home Again b/w It's Been Too Late Too Long

Merl Lindsay and The Oklahoma Night Riders: What's to Become of Me b/w You Laughed at My Tears

Jamup and Honey: Feudin' and Fightin' b/w Lion's Cage

Jamup and Honey: Used Car Blues b/w Little Red Wagon

Merl Lindsay and The Okalahoma Night Riders: Old Timey Christmas b/w Safety Pin Rag

Leon Payne with Jack Rhodes and His Lone Star Buddies: Don't Try It b/w Lifetime to Regret

Pappy Howard and The Connecticut "Kernals": That Guy's Out Gunning for You b/w Pal o' Mine

Zeb Turner: Don't That Moon Look Lonesome b/w Guess That's Why I Love You

Tommy Dillbeck and His Rock Candy Mtn. Boys: Now I've Seen Everything (Mother, I've Come Home to Die) b/w Right Next Door to Tennessee

Zeke Clements and His Western Swing-Gang: Brown's Ferry Boogie b/w In the Valley of My Dreams

Smiley Burnette and His Rancheros: It's My Lazy Day b/w Hominy Grits

Smiley Burnette and His Rancheros: Swamp Woman Blues b/w Catfish, Take a Look at That Worm

Tommy Scott: Alley Cat Blues b/w Lovely Blue Eyes

Leaon Payne with Jack Rhodes and the Lone Star Buddies: Empty Arms b/w Lipstick Trail

Merl Lindsay and the Oklahoma Night Riders: I'm a Plain Talkin' Man from the West (vocal by Ted Haff) b/w Your Troubles Are My Troubles

Bob Manning and His Riders of the Silver Sage: I'm a Fool to Care (vocal by Bob Manning) b/w Reading Your Letter with Tears in My Eyes (vocal by Billy Gray)

Al Clauser and his Oklahoma Night Riders: Sally Goodin' b/w I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just Tired

Zeb Turner: Things Just Happen That Way b/w Big Fat Papa

Tommy Scott: Ain't Love Grand b/w Broken Heart

"Cowboy Pal" Loyd Weaver: Kute-Te-Kue b/w Too Many Tears

Art Davis and His Rhythm Riders: T-Town Sue b/w Booga-Boo Baby

Dub Adams and His K-Bar Ranch Hands: Cripple Creek (Jelly Green-fiddle) b/w Arkansas Traveler (Jelly Green-fiddle)

Ken Curtis: It's in the Cards b/w When the Organ Played Nearer My God to Thee

Zeke Clements: I Won't Be There b/w I Dreamed I Spent Christmas in Heaven

Joe St. Clair - Cowboy of Air: Red Long Fingernails and a Cigarette b/w Tears

Bullet Records Classic Country & WesternLeon Payne: Lost Highway b/w Baby Boy

Leon Payne: What's the Need b/w Rolling Stone

Leon Payne: They'll Never Take Her Love from Me b/w I Found Someone New

Dick Dyson: Time After Time b/w You'd Better Change

Paul Blunt: Sweetheart of Hawaii b/w You Promised Me

Smiling Ed Gregory and the Rocky Mountain Boys: Down at the Zoo b/w Black Snake Blues

Smiley Burnette: House Trailer Blues b/w I Hope You're Having Fun Hurting Me

Bob Manning: Time on My Hands b/w Yesterday's Heartaches

Joe St. Clair: Too Proud to Cry b/w Waltz of My Heart

Leon Payne: Cheaters Never Win b/w I'll Stick by You

Dale Belmont and Her Texas Townsmen: Gonna Go Back to Texas b/w Gonna Ride to the Rainbow

Sunny Skylar: Amigo b/w Be Fair with Me

Autry Inman: It May Be b/w You've Got to Leave Those Other Guys Alone

Bill Drake: I've Got News For You My Darling (I Won't Be Coming Home) b/w What Used to Be Love

Don Churchhill and His Texas Mavericks: Texas Plains b/w One Year Ago Tonight

Butterball Paige: The Girl at the End of the Bar b/w Honky Tonk Pete

Pete Pyle: Lovin' Lies b/w I'm Walking Right Out of Your Life

Autry Inman: Double Cross b/w In My Imagination

Bill Drake: When You Have No One to Love You b/w Let's Start All Over Again

Pete Pyle: Think Twice b/w Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me

Annie Lou and Danny Dill: Dime a Dozen b/w My Loss Is Another Man's Gain

Cousin Wilbur and Blondie: Blues Stay Way from Me b/w Why not Confess

Banjo Murphy McClees: Blues You Want to Lose b/w Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue

Charley and Bonnie Barley: That Solid Rock b/w John 3:16

Charley and Bonnie Barley: Miner's Welfare Fund b/w John L's Contract Tune

Butterball Paige: I'm Too Old to Boogie Anymore b/w Heart Please Be Still

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: Near Me (vocal by Leon Huff) b/w Rag Mop (vocal by Johnnie Lee Wills)

Annie Lou and Danny Dill: I'm in Love up to My Ears b/w There's a Rainbow in Your Tears

George Lee: Goodbye and Good Luck b/w My Mind Won't Have a Care

Jimmy Work and His Tennessee Border Boys: Mr. and Mrs. Cloud b/w Hospitality

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: Peter Cotton Tail b/w Shattered Dreams

Ray Price: Jealous Lies b/w your Wedding Corsage

Tani Allen and His Tennessee Palls: Tennessee Jive (vocal by Buck Turner) b/w Rockin' Chair Boogie (vocal by Buck Turner)

Calvin Tubb: Lonely Traveler b/w Heart, Don't Complain

Toy Hall and His Cohutta Mountain Boys: Old Folks Jamboree (vocal by Frankie Brumbalough) b/w Mule Boogie (vocal by Frankie Brumbalough)

Sonny Daulong: Heartaches Too Late b/w Folk Dance Schottische

Paul Blunt and the Frontiersmen: Walking Up Stairs b/w Shovin' My Lovin'

Charlene Arthur: Is Love a Game b/w I've Got the Boogie Blues

The Frountiersmen: Guitar Shuffle b/w Honky Tonk Hop

Hamm Bros.: He Saved My Soul b/w When He Reached Out His Saving Hand

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: I'm That Way About You (vocal by Curley Lewis) b/w Champagne Poka (vocal by Leon Huff)

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: Coyote Blues (vocal Trio) b/w Boogie Woogie Highball

Roy Hall and His Cohutta Mountain Boys: Ain't You Afraid (vocal by Hal Clark) b/w Turn My Picture to the Wall (vocal by Hal Clark)

Tani Allen and His Tennessee Pals: I'll Still Love You (vocal by Buck Turner) b/w Just Checkin' On You (vocal by Buck Turner)

Wally Fowler: Wanted, Someone to Love Me b/w Linger Longer

Tex Milligan: Nashville Moon b/w Flowers on Lovers Lane

Jimmy Wallace: My Green Eyed Darling b/w You Lied Your Way into My Heart

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: A Bad Deal All Around (vocal by Leon Huff) b/w Tom Cat Boogie (vocal by Leon Huff)

Jimmy Wallace: One Love b/w Don't Ever Call Me Darling Again

Wiley Jordan and The Sons of the South: God Bless You Darling b/w Feel Like the World Belongs to Me

Al Clauser and His Oklahomans: Move It Over Rover (Dog House Blues) b/w My Sweet Mama

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: This Room Is Too Crowded b/w Si' Te Amo (Yes I Love You)

Calvin Tubb: She Slipped out on Me b/w I'm Trying to Read Between the Lines

Boots Woodall and the Radio Wranglers: I Cry Each Night Over You b/w It's No Secret

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: I Like You Best of All (vocal by Leon Huff) b/w I'm Leaving (Yes Indeedy) (vocal by Leon Huff)

Hardrock Gunter and the Pebbles: My Bucket's Been Fixed b/w The Little Things You Do

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: Oklahoma That's For Me b/w I Needed You

Hardrock Gunter: Maybe Baby, You'll Be True to Me b/w Rifle, Belt and Bayonet

Hal Howard and the Pearl River Boys: Fat Gals, Skinny Gals b/w Don't Ever Trust Your Chicken

Bob Swerer: Don't Be Careless with My Heart b/w Your Picture in My Heart

Calvin Tubb: Portigue Gal b/w Two Shadows on a Window

Si Jenkins and the Ozark Rangers: Warm Beer and Cold Kisses b/w Secret Treasure

Boots Woodall and His Radio Wranglers: Two Timin' Baby b/w Who's That Kissin' My Honey

Ray Melton and His Country All Stars: She Hit the Ceilin' (When I Hit the Door) b/w I Love Every Little Thing you Do

Tani Allen and His Tennessee Pals: I'm Back in the Army (vocal by Buck Turner) b/w Suspicion Blues (vocal by Buck Turner)

The Sapphires: All You Gotta Do Is Behave b/w Blue Jean Rumba

George Lee: Station Door Blues b/w Memories Never Bother Me

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: The Band's a Rockin' (vocal by J.L. Wills) b/w I'm Not Sorry (I Cried over You) (vocal by Leon Huff)

Si Jenkins and His Ozark Ranchers: One Dollar Boogie b/w My Play Around Heart

Al Clauser and His Oklahoma Outlaws: Last Night (vocal by Al McDaniel) b/w Green Apples (vocal by Al McDaniel)

Tani Allen and His Tennessee Pals: Little Blue Eyed Blonde Goodbye (vocal by Buck Turner) b/w On Our Shotgun Wedding Day (vocal by Buck Turner)

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: Careless Me (vocal by Leon Huff) b/w Big Chief Wamp-Pa-Setti (vocal by Leon Huff)

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys: Levee Blues (vocal by Leon Huff) b/w I'll Make You Happy (vocal by Leon Huff)

Tani Allen and His Tennessee Pals: Fatty Cake (vocal by Buck Turner and E.G. Frazier) b/w Empty Hands, Empty Heart (Empty Pockets) (vocal by Buck Turner)

Tabby West: Tennessee Hayride b/w Last Night I Heard Somebody Cry

Tanie Allen and His Tennessee Pals: I Don't Want You Now (vocal by Buck Turner) b/w When Hillbilly Willie Met Kitty from the City (vocal by Buck Turner)

Zeb Turner: I Lost Everything b/w Love That Will Never Be

Chuck Bridges: Black Eyed Angel b/w Country Love

Shorty Ashburn: Are You Lonely Too b/w Triflin' Heart

Buddy Beason and His Barn Dance Buddies: Bill Bailey b/w John Henry

Don Reynolds: All Alone b/w I Tell Myself a Lie

Shorty Ashburn: There Is Always a Tomorrow b/w More and More

Chuck Bridges: Lonesome Life b/w Heart Breakin' Darlin'

Ray Batts: Wild Man Boogie b/w Bear Cat Daddy

Buck Turner: I'll Put My Dreams Away b/w Honky Tonk Bounce


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